About Dean Arrington Associates

About Dean Arrington Associates

Dean Arrington Associates is a full-time home inspection business serving central and northern New Jersey. We have been in business since 1982, operating in central New Jersey with occasional excursions further away. We will travel some distance away to continue relationships that have involved many houses over more than 15 years

We have established our business on a few basic principles discussed below. We invite your review and comments.

The customer needs come first

An experienced client with hands-on knowledge has a different perspective than the first-time buyer with no knowledge of a home’s operation. The detailed information provided should reflect that different prospective. We try to anticipate customer needs as we deliver our information. We welcome questions, observations, and comments.

Our inspections are thorough

The basic premise of every inspection is to be comprehensive, thorough and accurate. We schedule accordingly. We build time into our scheduling to present information and to answer any related questions before the inspection ends. We expect and welcome follow-up questions, but we try to eliminate the need for them.

Our inspections are educational

Many of our customers are first time owners. We specifically treat the inspection process as a learning experience, and make every effort to explain how things work as well as the significance of what we see during the inspection. We want our customers to feel comfortable with, and informed by the inspection process.

Our reports are clear and informative

Unlike many other home inspection reports, our reports are narrative in format. They provide specific information about systems that are installed, and address deficiencies or unusual conditions, along with explanatory comments. You are our primary audience, but we write so that you can use our reports to communicate issues to your Attorney and Realtor. We distribute reports as our clients direct, usually to our clients and their Attorney and Realtor. We are aware that the client may authorize further distribution, and write reports so that they will stand up to close scrutiny by any others that may read them. We want our reports to be comprehensive, but we are also sensitive to the need to limit the report to a manageable length. We don’t compete with authors writing books on the design, construction, and maintenance of houses. Those are commercially available, including those for “do it yourselfers”.

Follow-up Consultation

We are available for questions, comments, and consultation as long as clients own the house. This telephone availability is considered to be an implicit part of the inspection. Our ultimate objective is to be favorably remembered in the future when clients or their friends are looking for an inspector.

Our Inspections Are Unbiased

Our role is to observe and report fairly and objectively. We offer no other services such as repairs or maintenance. We never accept referal or other finder’s fees.

Other Referrals

We refer very few contractors for specific types of work and for other inspections or tests. We are very careful to maintain a strict arms-length distance from anyone we may recommend, and never refer anyone that may offer a finder’s fee or other consideration. Our goal is total objectivity in word and deed. Owners of houses we inspect for a prospective buyer, frequently call us when they are ready to purchase, telling us they liked how we performed when they were on the other side of the negotiating table.