South Orange NJ ASHI Home Inspection Services

One major step in any homebuyer’s search is having a home inspected. If you have a home that you’re considering in South Orange, New Jersey, give Dean Arrington Associates a call today to schedule an inspection appointment.

ASHI Home Inspections in South Orange NJ can help would-be property owners get a complete look at the home or building that they are thinking about buying. We use time tested techniques and methods to help us accurately assess the condition of the building, helping you make an informed decision. All of our home inspection services are thorough, detailed and informative.

The last thing any homebuyer wants is to purchase a property without a clear understanding of its physical condition. With Dean Arrington Associates, we’ll give you a comprehensive narrative-style report, clearly documenting the conditions present on your property and detailing any issues in a clear, concise manner.

We remain available to you for further consultation or discussion regarding the property in question for your tenure of ownership.

Is this your first time buying a home? We understand that you may have many questions about the inspection process and about homeownership in general. That’s why we also work with you to anticipate many of your questions as well as provide you with an education about you future home, its systems and the things to monitor over time.

To learn more about the home inspection process or to schedule an inspection at a property in south Orange, New Jersey, call Dean Arrington Associates at 908-236-9697 today.