Bernardsville, NJ Home Inspection Service

The Best Home Inspections in Bernardsville Since 1982

When buying a home, scheduling a home inspection is an integral part of the purchasing process. If you have a home in Bernardsville, New Jersey that you are looking to buy, give Dean Arrington Associates a call to have a thorough home inspection completed before you sign that dotted line.

Certified Home Inspector in Bernardsville, NJ

Our inspection services will thoroughly review the prospective purchase, looking for signs of damage, wear or structural concerns that could be an issue going forward. Identifying concerns before you buy can mean the difference between making a sound investment or winding up with the need to make significant and potentially costly repairs.

We work independently of contractors and repair businesses, which means that you get an objective review of the property you’re considering in Bernardsville. Our experts have worked in home inspection since 1982, and we know exactly what to look for, where to look for it and the significance it can mean to you – the future owner.

Bernardsville Home Inspection For First Time Home Buyers

Many who call us are first-time buyers, so we also strive to not only provide an easy-to-read and informative inspection report, but also an opportunity to educate new homeowners about the concerns we identify and the potential for problems that could arise from untreated issues.

For an in-depth look at your prospective purchase in Bernardsville, New Jersey, call Dean Arrington Associates today at 908-236-9697.