Residential Home Inspection Service Company in Short Hills, New Jersey

Are you thinking about buying a home and looking to have a home inspection done before closing on the deal? Or are you in the process of selling a home and want a home inspection company to do a final walk-through before it hits the open market? For more than 30 years, Dean Arrington Associates has been supplying those in Short Hills, NJ with quality home inspections. Regardless of whether you are the seller or a potential buyer, you’ll undoubtedly put yourself in a much better position when you call on us for real estate inspections. We take our time with our inspections and supply our clients with full reports that allow them to make better, more informed decisions.

Short Hills, NJ Certified Home & Real Estate Inspector – For Pre-Purchase & New House Construction

If you’re going to hire a home inspection company to take a look at a property you’re interested in buying, you want to ensure they have the knowledge and experience it will take to provide thorough results. Dean Arrington Associates would be happy to step in and send a qualified property inspector out to provide a pre-purchase inspection in Short Hills, NJ or a new home construction inspection, depending on your needs. You’ll quickly realize that choosing to work with a certified inspector who is up for any challenge makes a world of difference.

For Home Buyers – New Home & Pre-Sale Property Inspections

Anytime you buy a home in Shorts Hills, NJ, regardless of whether it’s a new-build or 100 years old, you should always hire a home inspection company to inspect it. During real estate inspections, Dean Arrington Associates will walk through a home and look at everything from the electrical and plumbing systems to the roof and foundation. At the end, we’ll deliver a detailed inspection report that will outline everything we were able to find. You can then use this report to have repair costs factored into the price of the home before you taking ownership.

For Home Sellers – House Inspection for Selling home

Prior to putting a home up for sale, it’s a good idea to have a home inspection done. During this inspection, a company like Dean Arrington Associates can inform you of any potential problems that could hinder the sale of your home. It will then give you the chance to make repairs prior to listing the home or to factor those costs into the price if you are not prepared to make them yourself. You’ll feel more confident at the negotiating table and fetch top dollar for your home in the end when you have real estate inspections completed.

Radon Testing & Inspections in Short Hills, NJ

As part of the home inspection process, Dean Arrington Associates can also conduct radon testing and inspections in Short Hills, NJ. Radon is the No. 2 cause of lung cancer in the country and is a concern for those buying and selling homes throughout New Jersey. You should strongly consider having radon testing done during a new home construction inspection, and you should only trust a reputable, experienced company, like Dean Arrington Associates, to do it.

Termite Damage Inspection in Short Hills, NJ

Did you know that termites could be doing damage to your home without you even knowing? They also may have done damage to a home you’re thinking about buying with no obvious indicators. Because of this, we recommend that you have a termite damage inspection completed, in addition to a traditional real estate inspection in Short Hills, NJ. The property inspectors of Dean Arrington Associates are trained to inspect the nooks and crannies of a home and uncover hidden signs of termite activity. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it will allow you to avoid the surprise of discovering termite damage later down the road.


Let Dean Arrington Associates show you why those in Short Hills, NJ have called on us for home inspections for more than three decades now. Contact us at 908-236-9697 today for more information.