Sewer Line Inspections in High Bridge, Clinton and Surrounding Areas in NJ

As the leading authority in sewer line inspection in Clinton and High Bridge, NJ, Dean Arrington Associates has been providing unrivaled home inspection services since 1982. We proudly offer specialized sewer line testing to help homeowners maintain the functionality and safety of their properties.

What A Sewer Line Inspection Entails

Sewer line inspections are a crucial component of our comprehensive home inspection services. This inspection involves extending a specialty video camera into the sanitary sewer line.  The goal is to inspect the line between the dwelling and the municipal connection, usually found under the street.  Our team of experienced inspectors employs advanced camera technology to examine the main sewer line, searching for potential issues that could lead to significant property damage or costly repairs if left unchecked. A sewer line inspection can identify  structural damages, settlement, and obstructions like  tree roots within the line.

Common Sewer Line Issues Found During Camera Inspections

Our camera inspections often reveal common sewer line issues like cracks,  settlement, off-set pipes, blockages, scale accumulation and root intrusion. Thorough sewer line inspections provide homeowners and buyers with a better understanding of the defects present.  This process helps buyers avoid unexpected and costly repairs after closing and helps property owners identify issues that need attention.  This all boils down to peace of mind. 

Why Do I Need a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is a preventive measure that can save you from future unexpected expenses. It’s especially important for older homes, where sewer lines might be damaged or deteriorated. Camera inspections are also vital before purchasing a property to ensure no hidden sewer line issues will surface after the purchase.

What Does It Cost to Repair or Replace a Sewer Line?

The cost to repair or replace a sewer line can vary widely, depending on the nature and extent of the damage. However, investing in regular sewer line inspections can help detect potential issues early, reducing the repair cost and preventing more serious issues like a sewer backup into your house.

Why Choose Dean Arrington Associates?

At Dean Arrington Associates, we pride ourselves on our customer-first approach. Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a first-time buyer, we adapt our detailed information delivery to suit your specific needs. Our sewer line inspections are not only thorough and accurate but also educational, helping our clients understand their home better.

Our reports are clear, informative, and designed to withstand scrutiny, often serving as useful tools in communicating issues with attorneys and realtors. Post-inspection, we’re available for follow-up questions and consultations for as long as you own the house, and we maintain our objectivity by refusing any offers for repairs or maintenance on properties we have inspected.

Guided by New Jersey Standards of Practice, Dean Arrington Associates assures a comprehensive, objective, and insightful home inspection service. Call us at 908-236-9697 to schedule your sewer line inspection today.

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